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Why use a driving Instructor

Posted by James Banner on
Why use a driving Instructor

Learning to drive is exciting, no matter what your age or demographic the benefits of the forthcoming freedom are exceptional. To be able to get yourself from A to B without relying on parents and friends, not waiting for public transport or paying expensive Uber and taxi costs. Getting your licence is a no brainer, we all want that independence and freedom, for most it is an opportunity to gain access to employment further, education or to pursue adventure. No matter what your reason or motivation to gain your driver's licence, unfortunately, there will be some financial cost involved.

As a parent myself, nothing has given me greater pleasure than taking my daughter out for driving lessons and seeing her progress safely through the licencing system to her open licence. I was fortunate in that my daughter made it through the crucial unsupervised six month period on her red Ps and progressed without incident or accident.

So as learner drivers the majority will seek the supervision of parents and older siblings to assist in gaining the one hundred hours driving experience required to be eligible to take the practical driving test for those under the age of twenty-five.

We at Pass Right Driving School encourage this implicitly, nothing substitutes experience and driving in everyday conditions on the road to contribute to a successful practical driving test and a safe incident free transition to an open licence.


Benefits of taking driving lessons:


  • An accredited driving instructor will be aware of important changes to legislation and practical driving test requirements.
  • Parents and supervisors may be unaware they are passing on or teaching bad driving habits that could potentially result in critical or repeated driving errors during your practical driving test.
  • Your driving instructor will be trained in delivering the appropriate techniques to pass your driving test.
  • Seeking professional driving tuition will gain the learner driver three times the amount of logbook hours up to a maximum of thirty hours.
  • A reputable driving school or driving academy will continue to mentor and offer support throughout the new drivers' transition to P1 and P2.
  • A reputable driving school will teach the student defensive driving techniques and educate the pupil towards a safe driving culture.


Opting Out


Whilst in my professional career I have witnessed some students passing their practical driving test without the assistance of driving classes, this is quite rare

The students who have approached our driving school only to request a ‘pre-driving test lesson“ have had less than a ten percent success rate.

The reason behind this is that it is hard to correct bad driving habits just one hour before a practical driving test. Good habits need to develop early with your supervisor or driving instructor right from the onset. Often the student is completely unaware of the practical driving test requirements 




Through experience Pass Right driving School like to recommend the following cost-effective approach:


  • Book 2-5 Lessons with an accredited driving instructor/driving school for your initial lessons. This will give you a solid and safe foundation to build your driving experience. A reputable driving academy such as Pass Right Driving School will also provide guidance notes to your normal driving supervisor on how to best provide support and direction without developing driving faults
  • Continue to gain experience and log book hours with your driving supervisor. Your driving school will provide continued support and development resources with lessons as and when required.
  • Book 2-5 Lessons with your driving school to re-enforce the learning strategy and refine driving practice. Correct minor errors and prepare you for your practical driving test.




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