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          Learner Driver Information

Information for Learner Drivers & Driving Supervisors

If you have reached this page you are either just starting out on your driving career or will be taking on the challenging, yet rewarding role of supervising a learner driver. 

Pass Right Driving School are here with you every step of the way to ensure that your learner driver experience is both safe, fun and rewarding.

We offer valuable support, guidance and learning resources which empower our students to reach their full potential and become safe & confident drivers.

Our driving instructors are trained to deliver driver tuition to all individuals irrespective of cultural or educational differences. As a Pass Right Driving School Student you will receive professional, patient and courteous instruction at all times. We understand that all learner drivers are different and have individual learning preferences. Trust Pass Right Driving School to steer your driving experience towards success.

Driving Supervisor Information

Teaching someone to drive is no easy task. Thats why we seek the guidance of a trained professional. Engaging an accredited driving instructor ensures that the student is receiving the most current and correct instruction with regard to current road rules and legislation. 

The Driving supervisor, (often Mum or Dad or an older responsible sibling or relative) plays a huge part in the learner drivers development and progress.

Pass Right Driving school recognise the importance of this role encourage a working partnership to develop the skills and confidence of the new learner driver. Pass Right Driving School therefore offer guidance, support and learning resources to learner driver supervisors to assist in the overall development.

Not sure if you or your child should learn to drive in a manual or automatic transmission vehicle?

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to both and comes down to the drivers individual preference. Pass Right Driving School offer driving lessons in both transmission types and can certainly facilitate expert driving tuition in both disciplines. Pass Right also offer a conversion course from automatic to manual transmission.

For more information and to weigh up the pros and cons of manual Vs Automatic please read on and we can help you decide.

When learning to drive with Pass Right the student can switch between transmission types at any time.


We are not just committed to facilitating the  best driving tuition on the Gold Coast, but also offer a 100% money back gurantee.