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The best way in becoming a safer and better driver is by achieving many hours of careful driving in real conditions with an experienced driver.


Courses that promote advanced manoeuvring and vehicle handling, conducted away from real roads are of extremely limited value to young and new drivers. In fact, these type of courses can even have a negative effect as they can create a false sense of ability causing drivers to become overconfident and prone to taking risks on the road.
With intensive courses, skills are forgotten just as quickly as they are learnt and if not practised regularly, will most likely fade through lack of use.
What we Teach:
The Instructors at Pass Right driving school care about our students. We don't just instruct the bare minimum in order to get the young driver through their test.

We deliver our driving tuition with the purpose of planting the seeds of a safe driving culture and cover the real challenges encountered by young learner drivers on today's roads. It is our aim to achieve zero harm whilst on the P plates and as such we engage parents and supervisors to assist in the learning process.

We cover the following concepts to make our pupils safer and more confident drivers.
Hazard perception techniques:
As experienced adult drivers, most of us use this skill without realising it. We are able to recognise potential hazards before they occur. For example, young children playing ball by the side of the road, a cyclist riding through an intersection or a mother pushing a pram into the road to avoid an obstruction on the footpath. 
New drivers are focused entirely on the immediate road ahead and lack the peripheral vision to identify these hazards. Pass Right Driving School coach our pupils in this very important technique. We want all our learner drivers to apply this skill to their day to day driving, not just on test day.
Situational awareness:
Here we teach our learner drivers to be aware of their surroundings in relation to other road users. To not place their vehicle in a position that may cause an increased likelihood of a collision with another vehicle, object or person.
Risk avoidance Strategies:
Pass Right driving school are passionate about reducing vehicle accidents and incidents and achieving zero harm, especially in the crucial P plate period where the new driver is statistically at most risk.
We teach defensive driving basics and talk about crash avoidance zones and teach our pupils how to respond safely to potentially hazardous situations. 
Resistance to peer pressures:
Let us think back to when we first passed our driving test as young adults. The feeling of freedom and independence was enormous, especially when taking off with our mates those first few times. Youngsters today are no different, yet all the investment in getting licensed and having the responsibility of a motor vehicle can be thrown away when friends encourage new drivers to bend the rules or take risks. As part of Pass Right driving schools commitment to zero harm, we educate our pupils on the seriousness of driving a motor vehicle and the huge responsibility that it entails. A Pass Right driving instructor will also contact the parent or learner driver within their probation period to check in and see how the student is progressing.
If you are thinking about driving lessons for your child Pass Right Driving School encourage you to join the Keys2drive program.
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